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29th August 2005

hellcorpceo7:49pm: Finished Kudu 10 of Hearts
Finiiiiiished. I have been tweaking it for hours, and now I need someone to take it away from me. XD

kenket11:56am: Seven of Hearts - Bengal Tiger

28th August 2005

thornwolf9:12pm: Deadline?
Hey guys, is the deadline September 1st? Is it possible for me to get a couple day extension on this like..possibly till Thursday? Given my current school situation I haven't been able to work too much on this thing but I'm almost done. I just have a few details to work out and its a matter of finding a half an hour a day to do it in. If not I'll try my best to finish it in time. Sorry for the inconvenience.
Current Mood: stressed

29th August 2005

ursulav12:12am: Hey, all!

I'm coming late to the party, I realize, but here's my capybara for the Three of Clubs.

(There's a lot more colors--oranges and purples and whatnot--in the fur in the large version, since I've been fooling with fairly wild colors lately, but it mutes out a lot at 72 dpi.)

Capybara with fez!

I'm sort've wondering if the three club shapes overlap too much, and if I shouldn't swap the side of his mouth that the one is on--it might make a stronger shape to have negative white space, and the clover contrasted against the fur...

28th August 2005

kyoht9:31pm: Gelada Baboon - King Of Spades (sketch)
Note - the black border only shows where the edges of the card is, they won't be on the finished version. The whole image will extend to the borders, my sketch is just a bit too narrow.

Current Mood: calm
electricgecko2:53pm: Here's the jack of clubs, clouded leopard.


I'm thinking I want to fiddle around with those diamonds some more, but it's pretty close to done.

27th August 2005

gatcat5:08pm: Thursday, Thursday, THURSDAY!
Hiyer! So here we are, just a few days out from The Big Deadline! How we all doing?

Let's take a gander at the Taking Care Of Business department...

Sketches: Of 54 cards, we have 42 sketches completed or bypassed. We still need sketches from the following folks for the following cards: berbalang, ten Queen of hearts; ilyat, 3 of hearts; foxfeather, Jack of spades; foxfeather, 8 of spades; synnabar, 2 of spades; avorpalllama, 7 of diamonds; electricgecko, Jack of clubs; mbala, 6 of clubs. (If you're on this list and you have already submitted your sketch, sorry for my slip! Please email me at bestiary.keeper@gmail.com to correct my records.)

Info: I still need this info from bastek, pseudomanitou, electricgecko, and mbala emailed to bestiary.keeper@gmail.com, please! If you want to just give me the contact information and species name portions, that's fine--I can make up stuff for question 4.

Final Pieces: Here are the completed pieces so far. Due date for the rest of them is September 1st. PLEASE let me know as soon as possible if you don't think you'll be able to make the deadline!

Note To Standby Artists -- Keep standing by! We've recently reassigned a couple of cards and it looks like we might have to reassign a couple more. Thanks to those who have let us know they're still available. We will contact you as necessary.

Aaaaand once again, GREAT WORK everybody! The deck is out of control awesome.

susan_calvin6:30pm: The Butaan from Polillo says "Yes!"
Just a work-in-progress-but-nearly-done scan. The greens scanned in seriously bright, so I might tone those down a little in photoshop, and I haven't done shiney white shines yet either. ...Mostly this was just me playing with the sezzy new flatbed scanner (yum!) so excuse this post.

After the blocky painted stage this picture was so bright and cheesey that it only reminded me of the Del Monte adverts, hence "The Man from Del Monte says 'Yes!'" has been changed to "The Butaan from Polillo says 'Yes!'", and randomly uttered when talking about the painting. I guess you had to be there...

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

26th August 2005

Cutting it close, but this is still a WIP. I need to figure out what to add in that large blank space behind the shark in the upper right corner. Either inked in or added digitally.
And the walls are closing in.Collapse )

25th August 2005

saribou9:58am: Here's mine. 3 of spades. I feel like I should darken the background and make the spade shapes pop out more. What do you think? I kept the foilage really patchy because I thought about it being too messy when shrunken. It looks unfinished to me this way, though.

24th August 2005

amoux9:15pm: Two of Hearts: Maned Wolves
Sketch and original inks by the incredibly generous Cara Mitten, colorpaintination by m'self. Many big thanks to both the Hyena Lady and to Ringleader Raven Kenket for allowing me the opportunity to be a part of this beautiful project.

My work on this card is very nearly done (I'm basically just going to rework some of the texture even though it won't be too noticeable at the printed size) and several folks seem to like it well enough, but I figured I should post it for opinions while there's still a bit of time left to change things before the deadline.

Under the cut due to largeness of dimensions, though not filesize.Collapse )

Thanks in advance! :>
Current Mood: my eyyyyezzzz
dragoncreator11:22pm: Nine of Clubs (once more)
Okay guys. Your critiques were all a really big help! I fixed the nose so it doesn't look so huge. I added cooler shadows to the figure and some blues to the sky. Darkened the corner to the left a bit which (pointed out elsewhere) was blending into the figure a bit. I tried cutting off part of the face like suggested before, but it looked bad. Plus it's not going to make such a difference when it's shrunken down... so here we go:

Better? :)
Current Mood: productive
kyoht9:09pm: Aye-aye - 6 of Diamonds

Edit: better scan!
Current Mood: accomplished
hellcorpceo3:51pm: Card progress
Just posting my progress on the ten of hearts kudu. The hearts are going on the horns, but I've painted over the lines so you can't see them right now. ^^;

This WILL be done on time. I promiiiiiiise!

23rd August 2005

dragoncreator1:25pm: Nine of Club (again)
Would you guys be so kind as to critique this? =^^= It's all digital and on multiple layers, so editing wont be a problem for me.

I've been staring at it for so long that I can't see it for what it is anymore. I need you guys to point out the errors. =^^= I just know it looks "funny." I plan to put narrow African-style borders along the sides to widen it a bit and balance out the centered composition.
Current Mood: working

21st August 2005

dragoncreator11:04pm: Serval - Nine of Clubs
I'm working. =^^= Here's a progress shot. It should be completely colored and ready in a couple of days.

It hasen't been cropped yet
Current Mood: working

20th August 2005

pseudomanitou12:36pm: Sketchy...
Very late to the party, but I'm sure I'll manage to catch up:

4-Diamonds: Northern Pacific Giant Octopus

18th August 2005

saribou10:32am: King of Hearts
Here's one of mine, all colored up.

King of HeartsCollapse )

14th August 2005

mutleyjames3:23pm: Hi there all. I'm mutley-come-lately.

This here is the Queen of Diamonds, African Elephant.


11th August 2005

ex_yaguara5339:16pm: Six hearts - sketch
Ok, here's a sketch of six hearts with polar bears.
I plan to do the picture with aquarell watercolors and colored pencils.

Current Mood: creative

10th August 2005

anch_kethrii9:05pm: five of spades : cassowary
cassowary spades

Even though I got called into work unexpectedly, I still managed to finish him today! My scanner mangled the blues a bit as usual, so I'll use the school's super-scanner for the finished scan. This'll do for now, though.

Still open to art direction if needed :)
ex_yaguara53310:51pm: Four of spades with jaguars (Panthera onca)
Ok, here's my first card finished...

Current Mood: blank
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