Gatcat (gatcat) wrote in bestiarycards,

Artists! Need additional information...

Howdy! So here we are, in the late stages of preproduction. Doesn't it feel good? I can almost taste the decks now!

We're almost ready to go to press with the informational booklet, which will contain artist contact information. You'll recall that you've given me contact information for the sake of business correspondence and copyright issues. However, some of you have expressed the interest that this information remain private.


Here's what I'm requesting: Please respond here or email me ( ASAP with the contact information you would like included with the Bestiary deck so your newly adoring fans may contact you and shower you with shekels. I'll be honest: I would prefer just an email or website address. But if you feel a phone number is more effective, so be it. They're your stalkers, pal.

If I do not hear from you within a week's time, I must default to leaving the contact information blank.


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