Kenket (kenket) wrote in bestiarycards,

Bestiary Card Contest!

This amazing deck needs an equally amazing design on its back, and we want YOU to create it. (Yes YOU!)

We're looking for an image which is (preferably) rotationally symmetrical, or simply looks good held either way. It should fit the Bestiary theme, including many animals or aspects of animals - think fur pattern, tracks, that sort of thing - or suits or general nature. Consider simulating a tapestry or woodcut, or creating a tesselation. Dimensions must be 3.5" x 2.25". Please use a limited palette.

This contest is open to EVERYBODY, whether currently participating or not.

Interested artists should submit finished pieces for consideration. Unfinished work will be considered, but the more finished it is the better chance it may have.

Submissions BY ANSWER TO THIS POST due by Sunday, September 11, Midnight Utah time (GMT-7). Judging will be completely at the discretion of the Bestiary organizers.

We have not decided upon the prize yet, but it will undoubtedly include some extra decks, among other surprises. If not already involved in the Bestiary project, the winner may opt to buy in to the production pool and receive decks for sale.

Thanks in advance for playing. Have fun and good luck!

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