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questions questions

<td>sorry to make my introduction to this project through the faux pas of contributing without fully reading the instructions(!)

but now, having done that, and having also looked over the site for this, i have a few questions:

  • Since so many folks are involved that already represent a wide range of styles and approaches, that breadth seems to me to be part of the point. I know I appreciate my own involvment, particularly with other artists who make work that I happen to enjoy, but why not maximize range by making it One Artist -> One Card? As skilled and talented as the current roster of contributors are, there are still other folks not on the list that are making wonderful work but in still further different styles that aren't currently represented. Off the top of my head, T', Peganthyrus, Jillor and Pseudo Manitou come to mind. Those names are just my own immediate inclinations; I could name more, and I'm sure other people could list their own additions. But my point is that there's certainly no lack of suitable contributors, so why the multiple entries? How was the current roster put together and is there any interest is including more artists to at least maximize the diversity represented? If anything - with an eye towards selling this as a product - it seems to me that it would make better business sense to include as many different suitable approaches as possible.

  • Also, the name of the project is "Bestiary: The Shuffle" which seems to me to be rather derivative of the "Magic: The Gathering" naming system. However, even the creators of that game cede that it's lame and that they just had no better ideas at the time (link here and scroll down to the bottom of the page for the June 2, 2005 entry). So why make this association? It seems rather arbitrary when what we're basically doing is designing a standard deck of playing cards. This would be an excellent opportunity to establish a new concept, rather than borrow from elsewhere that's only slightly related. Is the current name set in stone? Was there a vote? Who came up with it and is there room for suggestion? If we are going to borrow, the traditional idea of a bestiary is a classic medieval concept that totally fits making a standard deck of cards - but then why add ":The Shuffle" and invite association with the current fad of collectable card games?

    That's it :D

    Is(was) any of this up for discussion, or is there one name (or set of names) running the show and making these executive decisions without wanting feedback? It doesn't matter to me, because I'm full of ideas if need be, but I can also just clam up and draw, too :D I'd just like to know! Thanks *draw draw draw*</td>

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