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A few decks left!

Ok, due to a few people holding cards and not sending payments, there are 8 decks back up for sale. Grab them now, and if the site says 'Sold Out' again, that means they are gone. Again, these are pre-sales only, please be assured that card sets will go on sale through the participating artists at a later date!

Buy now!

Grab 'em while you can for pre-holiday delivery!
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Bestiary Cards

Due to an overwhelming response, the Bestiary card pre-sale decks are already SOLD OUT!

If you are still interested in a deck, please don't fret. Participating artists will have limited numbers of the decks for sale, and hopefully they will be available at MFF and FC. So, keep posted here and keep a keen eye out for them at the upcoming conventions, if you will be attending!

Thank you so much for your patronage and part in helping us make this project a great success!
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Artists! Need additional information...

Howdy! So here we are, in the late stages of preproduction. Doesn't it feel good? I can almost taste the decks now!

We're almost ready to go to press with the informational booklet, which will contain artist contact information. You'll recall that you've given me contact information for the sake of business correspondence and copyright issues. However, some of you have expressed the interest that this information remain private.


Here's what I'm requesting: Please respond here or email me ( ASAP with the contact information you would like included with the Bestiary deck so your newly adoring fans may contact you and shower you with shekels. I'll be honest: I would prefer just an email or website address. But if you feel a phone number is more effective, so be it. They're your stalkers, pal.

If I do not hear from you within a week's time, I must default to leaving the contact information blank.


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Cards are available for pre-sale NOW!

Be one of the first to get your hands on a brand new, limited edition set of beautifully printed, full-color Bestiary Cards!

Bestiary Cards

A very limited number of card decks are available for pre-sale, so get them while they are available and get your own deck, hot-off-the-presses!

These unique cards will make an excellent holiday gift for any animal lover (or a great treat for yourself!), order now to ensure you have a set in time.

Thank you for your patience and patronage, we hope you are as excited about this project as we are, and if you get a set, we promise you won't be dissapointed!

-The Bestiary Cards Staff

P.S. Participating artists, please check your inboxes! If you did not recieve an email from me today, please contact me immediately! foxfeather @
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Playing Photoshop till dawn with a deck of 21.

Okay folks!

Just a quick update to let you know what is going on. While foxfeather and gatcat are busy solidifying the production prices and getting the accompanying booklet set up I've been busy getting your art integrated into the proper card format. In doing this last task, however, it has come to my attention that I have high-res scans of only 21 artworks..!

If you have not yet sent me a high-res scan of your art, DO SO NOW!
You can email the files (300dpi, preferably as an uncompressed JPG or a TIFF) to, or, if you prefur, send me a link to a URL where I can find the scan online.

Thanks! ;>
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And the winner iiiis...

WOW, what a tough decision! Thank you to everybody who contributed an entry...these were all EXACTLY the things we were looking for, and you've made the job of choosing extremely difficult.

But after much long review and discussion, the panel has picked the winner and new champeeeeen...Collapse )
(For those of you not familiar with LJ, you click the bit that says "the winner" etc etc etc to open the LJ cut and see what's underneath)

Thanks again, everybody who submitted and commented. Truly wonderful work! :>

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Gelada King of Spades

Just wanna say thanks to Gat, Kenket, and Fox for letting me be a part of this project and for all the hard work they've put into this. You guys are awesome *maul.*
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Hi all- some fantastic art here! I just love those ravens and coelacanths and the barn owls (and of course I'm partial to the coyote ;))...but wow- everything is top notch!
Here's my entry- I was told I could do a black-and-white drawing, which is easier (faster) for me right now, and as soon as "raccoon" and "clubs" were mentioned to me, the "club"-like marking on their faces popped in my mind and I knew that's what I'd be drawing. (What's also cool is last weekend, while up in the AZ high country, I saw my first live raccoons in this state crossing the road in front of me at night! It was a family of four or five, mama and her little ones. That gave me the idea of a family of 'coons.) Anyway, I hope what they're poking at is clear- let me know if it is or isn't. I've been working on it too long to have a fresh eye. Hopefully all is clear and looking Ok! The raccoon's markings are a bit stylized, but that seems to fit with much of the other art here... I've loved people's takes on the animals they've worked on... some very clever designs!
Thanks again for the opportunity to work on this card set! I can't wait to own one of these sets! :)

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